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I love to play and wonder why everybody doesnt play.

Why is Phil Ivey so good? - Poker Theory - General Poker… he bleeds poker... the smartest people in the world wont be good at poker just cus they are invested in other things. Ivey is a machine... plays longer then u can simple as that. Why Most Women Don't Play Poker - MPN When I ask female poker players why they don’t like to play live, the answer is often that they find it intimidating.The fun stopped. The older ones on the table looked particularly sad.But why do some women need ladies events to enjoy themselves? Why is normal live poker so intimidating? WHY IS AGGRESSION SO IMPORTANT IN POKER? [Poker… Every Tuesday I will present and explain to you a new interesting or important Poker concept. Train Poker with me every Tuesday & Thursday live on...

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If you are new to poker, or a cash game player wondering why tournaments are so alluring, these are the 5 reasons why poker tournaments are more fun (and maybe even more profitable for you!) The Tournament Rush. There is a huge adrenaline rush that comes with Why do people play poker? - Quora For instance, I play poker for sheer fun and amusement value. I just love the game dynamics and so I use to play them in my free time. If you are also thinking of which of the games to play in your leisure time, you can visit the Kuil poker site and make the

The online poker game came into existence from a very long period of time, and the love for online poker has been growing, Sites like 389poker...

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Smooth Call See why is poker so fun Flat casino at the downs grand opening Call. Splash the pot – in a casino, you splash the pot if you throw your chips into the pot when you make your bet, rather than placing them carefully all at the same time on the poker table. Poker is a single game played with a cumulative score over a lifetime. Why is real-money-betting necessary for poker to be fun?